Allie Gonino hails from Fort Worth, Texas, and was inspired to play music after a chance encounter with fellow Texans, The Dixie Chicks. She took up playing the violin at age seven, and by age nine she was singing and playing country music for large crowds around the Dallas metroplex. After country radio turned its back on her heroines, she did a 180 and moved to Los Angeles in 2006 to pursue a career in pop music and acting. She joined and toured with pop girl group, The Stunners, as the opening act on Justin Bieber's My World Tour. The band released an EP, and two singles that went to Top 40 radio. After the group disbanded, Allie starred in and scored music for the ABC Family original series, 'The Lying Game', with former folk band, The Good Mad.

In addition to her artistic passions, Allie has lent her time and voice to advocating for the LGBTQ community, raising awareness around the world water crisis through her work with the Thirst Project, and fundraising for education projects in Nepal, Malawi, and Oakland with NGO, BuildOn.

She is currently recording her debut solo LP, 'Forever Unfinished', a style she's dubbed "Texicali," pulling inspiration from The Eagles, Ella Fitzgerald, America, and spaghetti western film scores. Recently released singles, “Deserted”, and “Rodrigo” will also appear on the album. Professional inquiries should be directed to Jacob Gallagher, at

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